Shearling Vests & Fur Vests for Women

Fur vests are the perfect example of garments that stood the test of time. Of course, contemporary natural fur vests have changed a lot and, as time passed, they have improved, becoming a stylish fashion accessory. Don’t worry, they still maintain the authentic warmth of any fur product.

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Modern design, natural materials and care for details – these are the most important conditions that must be accomplished by any fur vest produced by A&A Vesa.

Natural Sheepskin Vests for Women

Therefore, we use only natural sheepskin that is processed and dyed, mainly nappa sheepskin leather, moisture resistant lambskin, suede sheepskin leather, soft to the touch and natural merino sheepskin. The inline of these sheepskin vests is made out of natural merino sheep fur, trimmed down to a thickness of 10 mm (about 0.4 inches), material that offers protection against the cold weather. Also, for the glamorous aesthetics we are known for, we add rich collars made out of natural merino lamb and even polar fox furs.

Fox fur vest for women

Our fur vests for women are handcrafted by experienced workers, who always pay extra attention to all the little details that make our fur coats the best you can get. In other words, A&A Vesa offers you modern fur clothing, high-quality handcrafted for bargain prices, designed to fulfill all your desires.

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