Fur stoles and capes

In the cold season, you can accessorize your outfits in a spectacular way with fur stoles and capes that will showcase your clothing and give you an original, comfortable and warm look. At Vesa you will find a wide range of top quality natural fur capes and stoles that can be easily worn and versatile, regardless of the style adopted.

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Mink fur cape

The fur cape is a piece of clothing that has always been chic. Easy to wear, practical but extremely stylish, the cape was, in old times, the favorite of the ladies in the high society, who chose to wear it to protect themselves against cold and to protect their lush outfits.
Over time, the fur gained popularity among all, and the fur cape became an indispensable accessory, worn by the ladies to complete and evening dress or a gorgeous bride dress, or simply to give a plus of flavour to a casual look. A high quality fur cape is synonymous with elegance, giving the wearer refined and feminine air.

Fox fur stole

The stole is a fur collar or a strip of fur that can be attached around your neck or shoulders, giving your outfit a different and refined air. Along with capes, stoles are the pieces of clothing that are always present for the completion of special evening dresses or elegant wedding dresses. More than that, due to the ease with which they can be worn, stoles are perfect for completing a personalized outift, full of style or even non-conformist. The stole is therefore a piece of clothing that will show off any outfit.
The fur capes and stoles are classic pieces, irreplaceable in the wardrobe of any woman which values her outifts and knows how to successfully highlight them. The cape or fur stole is a purchase that will not go out of style and will last for years and years, especially if the fur from which it is made is of high quality.

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