What to wear on chilly days to look good and be comfy

I know you don’t like winter and chilly seasons very much. With all that layering and stuff, you would rather stay inside and enjoy the nice atmosphere there. But, if you work or you have to do the daily chores, you are constrained to go outside and confront the cranky weather eventually. So, we, at A&A Vesa store have a fabulous idea on how you can cope with the chilly days, both looking good and feeling comfy.
We have a wonderful collection of fur coats, fur vests, sheepskin coats and fluffy jackets for you to wear on winter or on cold days and nights. We have your back when it comes to going out in a stylish way in sub-zero temperatures.

The short fur jacket

When the weather is not so good, but you want to do your best with your outfit, choose a nice short fur jacket. At A&A Vesa store this type of coat is made of lamb merino or of lamb nappa leather, some materials that keep you warm and offers you a noble attire. Because it’s a short type of jacket, this one can be worn in a casual way. Match a brown fur jacket with a pencil skirt or your favorite pair of jeans. Wear some boots or knee boots and enjoy your walk.
If you are more brave, you can choose a nice colored short fur jacket from A&A Vesa and your appearance will be successful.

Fur Coat 250 P Beige (1)

The sheepskin’s coat with garments

Maybe the most stylish type of fur coat for women is the sheepskin’s coat with nice garments on both sides. The exterior of the coat is made of nappa lamb leather, which is great for securing your body against the rain and snow. The interior of this good looking coat is made of trimmed lambskin merino, like the stylish collar that decorate this piece of clothing.
You can wear this fur coat at work, when you go shopping or on a nice winter shooting session. It can be matched with elegant office trousers or with a great dress because it’s so wonderful and pretty. The best color for this fur coat is gray or black, both of them can be found at our store – A&A Vesa.


The fur overcoat with fur collar and sleeves

Such an amazing fur coat for winter days! This pattern is long, stylish and it has cool fur collar and sleeves. It’s so fluffy you can die of joy. Beside the fur garments, your waist is well defined by the cord and buckle in the middle. The length is in everybody’s favor and the fine touch of lamb nappa leather on the exterior go hand in hand with the interior made of merino lamb fur. It’s a comfortable fur piece of clothing and you can buy it in beige, gray or brown from A&A Vesa.

If your question was about what to wear on chilly days, now you find the perfect answer. Look good and feel comfy wearing a premium quality fur coat.

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