Top 5 fur coats. The fur coat is one of the many weaknesses of all women in the world. Fur is a universal clothing that makes every woman feel unique, special and cherished. Every lady seems a lot more confident and elegant when is wearing a high quality fur coat for special occasions or just for her outings. The A&A Vesa fur items store is here for the brightest wishes of all women in the world.

A&A Vesa store – the heaven of original fur clothing

Obviously, it’s not a store just for women, because you can find here even fur items for men, accessories for children and much more. Even though it may seem hard to believe, the fur coat is a piece of clothing that can appear in different patterns and colors in unique combinations that make them even more modern and interesting.
The original fur coat is the most beautiful and stylish piece of clothing for a guaranteed elegant look. Such item can be worn by any woman at any age and in almost any context.

Fur coats that are always a classic

The coat with fur sleeves
This type of garment is youthful, modern and suits well a nice looking lady that knows her beauty and power. Such a fur coat has a neutral color and fluffy chic fur sleeves matched with the rest of the clothing. It probably has a nice fur collar too. It may or may not have a stylized belt at the waist. Wearing such an original fur coat you will feel unique, delicate, refined and fabulous.

The short fur coat
You’ve seen this type of fur coat a lot in street style attires, in the movies, at your favorite stars or in fashion catalogues every year. Why’s that? Because is a classic piece of fur clothing that can be worn with so many elements in a special way. You cannot miss it from your wardrobe. The different colors, the length and the patterns are here for you to style it up every time you go out.

The colored fur coat
It can have many colors on it, many patterns or it can be in a single color of their own. The burgundy one it’s so nice and versatile. But you can order a beautiful elegant fur coat in different lengths from A&A Vesa store at your wish. This piece of fur clothing is for a bold, modern woman, that knows fashion.

The leather jacker with fur garments
If it’s not a fur coat, it’s an original leather jacket with a fur collar or fur sleeves. You can wear it even in spring, in autumn and in the winter time.

The oversized fur coat
This is the staple of fashion when it comes about fur items. This coat you can wear as you like. There aren’t some mandatory ways to match it or wear it. It’s a nice coat, from the highest quality possible, it’s warm, comfy and good looking.
These 5 fur coats are the top in fashion and you can find them all at A&A Vesa store. Shop them and match them as you like.

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