The fur coats will be always a symbol of elegance, luxury and style a la France, but also appear in the street style trends. This item of clothing is seen in everybody’s closet and mostly in street style trends. Nobody miss this real thing today. It’s so classy and smart chic, that you can refuse it. And especially for you there is a fashion store who offers you a really nice range of fur items – in style and always modern. It’s about A&A Vesa.


The fur coat is classic and refined, exactly like the LBD dress


Will be always in the mind of fashion designers, celebrities, stylists, fashionistas and royal heads. You can wear it also in your walks with friends, with your lover, but also at shopping sprees or even on the red carpet at some social events where you are invited. If you have a fur coat in your dressing, that say much about you and your social status. But, again, it’s all about how you wear it and match it in fashionable outfits.

Exactly like the LBD dress, the little black dress that you see and wear often because it’s classic and never go out of style, the fur coat and the fur vest are the same, mostly if they are expensive and of good quality.


Street style trends that are remarkable and fits you every time


A quite simple look for you when it’s about fur consist in a beautiful fluffy colorful fur coat, a simple beige par of elegant trousers, a silky blouse, a leather bag and a pair of nude high heel pumps. This is the easiest way to look glamorous in a fur coat. You don’t have to put many jewels or accessories to look at your best. Your warm coat is doing everything for your style!

If you don’t want to wear an oversized fur coat when you go outside, but you’d like to be in fashion, choose a fur vest from A&A Vesa and you’ll be amazed by the effect. Wear a nice fur vest with an elegant evening gown at a special occasion or just a fur collar to accessorize it. See how you find it and how feel in it.

Again, a nice trick for you! To not look too big or fatter than you really are, avoid matching oversized blazers or coats with a leather jacket or a fur vest. These items are big enough, so you don’t want to combine them with other clothes as big as they are.

At A&A Vesa you will find everything you want, for the most beautiful and stylish outfits in street style!

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