Women Winter Shearling Coats & Fur Coats

It’s true, there are some items that shouldn’t be missing from a modern woman’s wardrobe.

Our specialty? Fur coats and vests, shearling coats and jackets and sheepskin jacket and coats – all of them are made out of natural leather, fur and sheepskin, processed in our fur factory.

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And that’s because we always wish to obtain the highest level of quality – sheepskin, lamb fur, raccoon fur and even polar fox fur are our secret ingredients of a well-made garment for men and women. We combine the processed lambskin or shearling (Nappa lamb leather, that is moisture resistant, and suede lamb leather, that gives a pleasant feeling to the touch and a sleek look) and natural merino lamb fur, trimmed to a thickness of 10 mm (about 0.4 inches) and used for the lining, providing comfort and warmth even on the coldest days of a hard winter, but keeping that glamour touch that will make you feel special.

Women Winter Jacket

Our fur coats are handcrafted by really gifted people with a passion for working with natural fur in an unique way, paying special attention to all the little details that make our fur coats and vests, shearling coats and jackets and sheepskin jacket and coats the best you can get. The impressive polar fox collars or other combined fur products assure a look that will never die. And if you take good care of our fur coats, you will wear them for ages.

We do all this at a bargain price because the products that are listed on our official online store will go directly to you from our fur factory. You will be getting the best quality you can get for a real women fur coat, at the lowest price possible.

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