This fall we are complementing your outfits with new leather and natural fur items. With this new A&A Vesa collection, we want to bring the outfits you wear everyday or to events out of anonymity, give you the comfort you need and, of course, make your frosty days more pleasant and warmer.

The new A&A Vesa collection includes a variety of leather jackets and natural furs, which allow you to stay on trend and enjoy outstanding outfits at any time of the day. They are items made with craftsmanship and attention to detail, from the highest quality materials, in pleasant shades, ideal to be combined as you wish.

Leather is an extremely popular material this season, that’s why, with the new A&A Vesa brand collection, we want to offer you interesting options that you can’t resist!

What clothes are worn in the fall of 2022?

This autumn, clothes that are worn will be the ones that manage to come out of anonymity . Natural leather items are in fashion, which can be easily combined with knitwear or other materials, as well as natural furs that harmoniously complement elegant outfits.

The 80s are a benchmark for current trends. As a result, complete outfits made of natural leather, as well as combined ones, are in fashion. Leather jackets and trench coats in black or natural colors are ideal for bold and eye-catching outfits.

Dynamism and elegance are perfectly outlined by leather clothes. Whether they are short or long, they are shrouded in a mysterious air, ideal for autumn! The good thing is that they can be combined in various ways, so that your style of clothing is highlighted. You can add an oversized shirt and a pair of boots to the outfit for a more casual look or high heeled boots and a fitted dress for a more elegant one.

And if we still mentioned casual clothes, you should know that this autumn the items that increase the degree of comfort are worn. In this sense, you can make less common, but effective combinations. For example, you can combine a fur coat with sweatpants and sneakers. You will get an interesting but very comfortable outfit that you can wear when you go shopping, with friends for a coffee or when you visit someone.

Even though new trends appear with the arrival of the new season, what is worn more is what you like! It is important to choose items that represent you, that make you feel good and provide you with the comfort you need throughout the days.

What colors are worn?

Although all summer the focus was on the bright shades, in the new season we enjoy the presence of natural colors more. Shades of beige, cream or brown are popular because they make the process of combining items easier, but also because they are in tune with the colors of the season. If you still feel like it’s too little for you, you can always add pops of color to the outfits you’re wearing.

About the New Collection

The new Vesa collection fits perfectly into the trends of the new season. It includes elegant, classic items we could say, but which do not go out of style over time. Leather and natural fur clothes have always been considered basic elements for the cold season. They are ideal because they offer comfort, but especially warmth for cold days. They also have a durability that is hard to match, which makes them suitable to be worn for years without losing their charm. In addition, if they are properly maintained, the passage of years on them cannot be noticed so easily.

This new Vesa collection is special because most of the items have been made with both leather and natural fur. The result of these combinations not only exceeds all expectations, but also takes the industry to another level!

Noile articole sunt versatile, ceea ce înseamnă cu pot fi incluse în diverse stiluri vestimentare, sunt disponibile în culori atrăgătoare și la fel de rezistente ca oricare altele marca A&A Vesa. Așadar, dacă îți dorești un articol cu totul special pentru garderoba ta, cu siguranță îl vei găsi în noua colecție!

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