Men’s winter shearling coats & fur coats

Across the years, fur coats for men had improved and became a modern clothing item that is currently desired for its resistance, quality, and design. A&A Vesa men fur coats are made only of natural shearling, fur, and sheepskin processed and dyed in order to obtain the ideal material for the most stylish garments.

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Men shearling jackets & Men sheepskin jackets

Nappa leather, known for its moisture resistance and suede lamb leather, extremely delicate to the touch, are the materials we use to obtain men fur coats. Also, while the sheepskin allows the body to breathe, thus avoiding the overheating, the lining made out of natural lamb fur, trimmed down to 10 mm (about 0.4 inches), offers protection against the cold.

Men fur coats & Men sheepskin coats

Our fur coats are handcrafted by really gifted people, impassioned of working with natural fur in an unique way, paying special attention to all the little details that make our men fur coats the best you can get. But that is not all! Every fur coat has a carefully designed collar, made out of natural merino lamb fur or raccoon fur because our purpose is to always improve the overall appearance and add a touch of elegance to our garments. A&A Vesa is known for a great variety of modern fur clothing for men, for its high-quality products and for the affordable prices!

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