In the cold season, the natural fur vest plays a very important role. That’s why the great fashion designers consider it a “must have” item in your wardrobe. It is quite versatile, comfortable and extremely warm. In addition, it draws attention to the outfit and complements it directly! Even if it seems difficult to match, it is not like that at all.
If you’re wondering how to match a fur vest, here are some tips that may help you:

⦁ Opt for a black and white outfit

The outfits in the black and white combination are very suitable when you want to look good without trying too hard. Thus, you can choose a pair of black jeans, a white shirt and any natural fur coat, because it will fit perfectly with the whole outfit. This option is ideal during the day. Instead, for evening outfits, you can choose fur clothes for women in strong colors, which you can match with accessories or heels.

⦁ Match the fur vest with a plain outfit

To draw full attention to the fur vest, it is advisable to choose the other clothing items in one color. Fur vests in neutral colors can be worn in combination with any other color. For example, a brown fur vest, you can combine it with a beige outfit or a pale pink outfit. A red fur, you can match it with a black outfit.

⦁ In combination with over-the-knee boots

Over-the-knee boots are back in trend this year as well. Since the texture of the fur vest is what crowds the outfit, you should choose boots that are as simple as possible, without buckles or other elements that stand out. High boots have the role of balancing the volume created at the top.

⦁ In combination with a dress or short skirt

In general, natural fur vests are longer, covering the back. Therefore, you can create interesting outfits by trying to overlap materials and pieces. Given that fur coats are interesting enough pieces, it is not necessary to load the eyes of the spectators creating conflicts of length between the pieces.

In such an outfit you can also insert a pair of over-the-knee boots. The result is amazing!

⦁ In combination with jeans

Jeans are part of the casual clothing category, and when combined with fur clothes for women, they make the whole outfit sophisticated and comfortable at the same time. It is important not to load the top with too much detail. Therefore, it is enough to choose a simple blouse, without inscriptions or loaded details.

Types of natural fur vests

There are several types of natural fur vests, which differ depending on the design, the type of fur, the fastening system, the length of the hair and other aspects.

⦁ Long or short vests

⦁ Hooded or without hood vests

⦁ Vests with zipper, drawstring or without fastening system

⦁ Bulky and fluffy vests with long hair or vests with short, smooth hair

⦁ Vests made of natural raccoon, lamb, mink or fox fur

⦁ Vests made of a single type of fur (eg sheepskin vest) or a combination of furs (eg fox and raccoon fur vests)

⦁ Vests in one shade or in several shades

The advantages of a natural fur vest

In the long run, natural fur items have several advantages, such as:

⦁ A longer life due to the quality of materials. If properly cared for, the fur vests can be worn for years without wear.

⦁ Increased thermal comfort due to natural fur.

⦁ Diversity in terms of combinations with other clothing items. Natural fur clothes are versatile enough to be included in various clothing styles.

⦁ The price-quality ratio is justified.

Where can you find quality fur clothes?

For quality assurance, you can opt for Vesa fur vests. In the online store you will find a wide range of natural fur items of the highest quality. The available models are special, Vesa being distinguished over the years by the authenticity of the materials used in the manufacture of clothing, for their quality and competitive prices. The clothes are produced exclusively in Romania, in its own factory in Arad County, Buteni. The factory complies with all quality standards imposed by the European Union, Vesa being a certified manufacturer with its own trademark.
All items in the portfolio can be viewed in the online store or in physical stores in Arad, Bucharest, Timisoara or Galati.

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