Do you need to change your winter style? Fur collars are your answer. These absolutely gorgeous warmers made a huge debut on the runways this season, so we can say they represent one of the biggest trends you could follow. You can see them everywhere: open a fashion magazine, turn on the television or walk out on the street and you will see the great impact fur collar has in every single outfit. No matter you adopt a classy style or wear layered outfits, these luxury accessories will dramatically change your look and add the fabulous factor we all want.

You can even pair your fur collars with fluffy jackets, ripped jeans, military-style double-breasted coats with metal buttons or hoodies. It’s not necessary anymore to own an elegant coat or another classy outwear. Here are some ideas of clothes you can wear with your fur collars:

  • A blazer is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. You can wear them in so many different styles. Choose a pair of distressed jeans, a knitted sweater and throw a fur collar on your shoulders. You’ll see that your outfit will dramatically change and you’ll obtain a glamorous look.
  • Cashmere pea coats are never going out of style. You may already have one of them in your wardrobe, so don’t hesitate to mix it with fur collars. Don’t forget about big retro sunglasses, leather gloves, and of course, a Parisian beret.
  • If you adopt the rock style and you usually wear leather motorcycle jackets, massive boots, and aviator sunglasses, then this is your chance to look like one of those rockstars on the Broadway. Choose a long fur collar that will make your outfit look more dramatic and luxury at the same time. Now, you’re ready to give some autographs.
  • Cashmere coats are a classy option no matter you choose them at the office or for an evening event. Add fur collars so you can bring the classiness and elegance up to a whole new level.
  • Wear your fur collars with precious dresses. You surely know the iconic looks of Madonna or Marilyn Monroe, two feminine symbols of the sensual and absolutely sexy outfits. You can make this choice if you take the dinner with your boyfriend, go out with your girlfriends or attend a luxury night event, like a movie premiere or a theatre spectacle. Mix your fur collars with precious accessories and shine like a star wherever you go.

Get rid of the idea that fur collars are a statement accessory you can wear at special occasions. They simply go with everything and make your every single outfit look fabulous and extremely luxurious. You can add fur collars to your casual outfits for a bit of textural intrigue, and further the glamorous feel of a cocktail dress with one for a night out. Also, try not to mix fur collars with fur coats, because you will add a lot of bulk to your figure and it will look more like a costume than a stunning outfit.

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