A pair of winter gloves is more than an interesting accessory, a piece of the wardrobe of anyone.

Suitable for cold days of autumn and winter leather gloves are practical, durable and very elegant.

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At A & A Vesa you will find a wide range of models of leather and gloves for men and women made of natural leather of the highest quality in our own factory.

Being an accessory that covers the hands and which is therefore always at sight, leather gloves must have a flawless cut that fits perfectly into the hands of their wearer or wearer.

Natural leather is an ideal material for making gloves as it is very soft and pleasant to the touch, offers increased protection against cold wind and humidity and provides increased mobility of the fingers

Also, due to its properties, natural skin allows the hands to air, preventing sweating

The glove liner provides an extra layer of protection and comfort, giving heightened warmth to the sensitive area of the hands, which are most exposed to cold and wind.

A pair of leather gloves for men and women can be a successful gift that will certainly be appreciated by anyone.

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