Even if you have a beautiful refined fur vest, that doesn’t mean that you know how to match it or wear it in the best way possible. And, because the stylists are named that way because they have a unique style and ideas for everything, you should listen to them when it’s about wearing an elegant fur vest from A&A Vesa.
Year by year, the fashion trends are reinventing themselves and every woman that is admired and renowned for her amazing sense of style wants to keep an eye of the newest clothing items out there.
If you have a fur vest or if you are going to buy a new fur vest from A&A Vesa store and you can’t figure it out how you could wear it, these tips will help you for sure.

See how you can wear a fur vest from A&A Vesa in an incredible way approached by stylists

• Wear the fur vest with a single color in all the other items in your oufit
Fur vests are statement pieces that will always stole the show, so the stylists recommend you no to load very much the rest of your outfit. The fur vests from A&A Vesa are found in neutral tones of brown and beige, but as well in bold colors for a truly fashionista. If you have such a piece of clothing, choose to combine it with a neutral color such as beige or pale pink.
There must be no conflict between two strong colors in the same outfit. The fur vests in neutral colors can be easily worn in combination with black, white or cream.

• Wear it in a black & white outfit
The black & white combination is extremely suitable for the moments you want to look good without looking like you have worked so hard for that. Having to deal with two non-colors, no matter what the color of your fur vest is, it will match nicely with your whole oufit.
If you want to create a day attire, choose a neutral fur vest with a special pattern. You can find this type of item at A&A Vesa store. For the evening, match a strong color fur vest with an elegant accessory and high heels.

• Wear the fur vest with a dress or a skirt the same size
If you want to create an interesting outfit, try to opt for overlays of materials and different pieces of clothing. Such a look with an oversized fur vest over a skirt or a dress will look extremely stylish. If you will accessorize your outfit with a pair of high heels or high heel boots, you will be ready to go to any type of meeting or social event.
Remember these fashion tips from the most renowned stylists in the world and apply them yourself for a better style.

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