Light brown color

The light brown color is among the most sought-after colors, especially when it comes to purchasing a piece of clothing made of natural materials such as fur or leather. The preference for this color is one that is completely grounded, because light brown is a natural shade that does not have to be processed or painted in the factory through different chemical processes. Unlike darker shades of brown, light brown is not necessarily associated with maturity, being a color of any generation.

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For many, brown color is the ideal color of accessories such as women’s or men’s wallets, gloves, hats and bags made of leather and natural fur. The resistance of the material is matched by the resistance of the color, which does not require any special care efforts and which, by its shade, resists the time test. Therefore, you will never fail when choosing to buy this color or when choosing to make a present. Light brown gains a pleasant patina with the passing of time, which further enhances its authenticity. Natural, sophisticated and practical, the light brown color at the A&A Vesa Fur Factory, you’ll find a variety of light brown coats, jackets and fur vests, that will enhance your outfits, regardless of the style you adopt.

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