Grey color

If black and white are the absolute contrast, the gray color is their reconciliation and its significance borrows its chromatic characteristics: neutral, calm, open to possibilities, gray is the perfect canvas for the painter when it comes to creating a different chromatic composition. Also true in clothing, the gray color is indispensable in our wardrobe, as the color that successfully complements any outfit and highlights the secondary nuances or enhancements we choose for our look.

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Gray is a choice that you will not fail, as is appropriate in many contexts, especially since it is worn with style. A minimalist look will be ideally complemented by a gray oversized natural fur coat, just as a stylish outfit will be made of a gray vest or an elegant collar with this shade. Even if you choose to make a monochrome outfit, gray can be suitable because it has a multitude of shades that complement one another, creating a harmonious ensemble. In the case of clothes, coats and accessories made of leather and natural fur such as wallets, gloves, bags or hats, the gray color gains in time a special patina, furthering the authenticity of the worn clothing.

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