Brown Color

One of the colors considered classic, the brown color is a pleasant universal color, being adopted in the style of several generations. For fur and natural leather clothing and accessories, brown color is a primary color, often representing the natural color of these materials. Due to its authenticity, the brown color is preferred by those who like to be dressed authentic.

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Beyond the natural look, the brown color gives the clothing a more sophisticated air and a plus of style. Being a dark color, it is also very practical and versatile – a piece of clothing such as a fur coat, a leather jacket or a brown natural leather jacket is easy to care for and match to various outfits, being perfect for completing a multitude of looks. Brown accessories, such as gloves, hats, wallets, or handbags, will always have a natural look and value the material they are made of. Unpretentious, suitable for anyone and easy to wear, the brown color is indispensable from the wardrobe, regardless of the clothing piece it is represented in. At the A & A Vesa Fur Factory you will find a wide range of natural fur in several shades of brown so you can find the exact piece and shade you like.

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