The A&A Vesa sheepskin factory specializes in manufacturing clothing and accessories from natural materials. Established in 1994 the A&A Vesa sheepskin factory specializes in fur and leather processing, having its own tannery. Currently, the A&A Vesa factory manufactures in its own tannery 500 hides per day, with the ability to make 300 clothes per month at the highest quality standards. Experience, passion and dedication are the ingredients of every article we produce, with a team of designers and people specializing in working with natural materials. At A&A Vesa, the opening to the new and the desire for improvement are constant, so every order honors us. We can manufacture any natural fur product with the same craftsmanship that our products enjoy. If you are interested in a collaboration, feel free to contact us at the email address andrei[@] or call +4.0745 115 537.