Some of us view fur coats, fur gilets or fur hats as luxurious and warm, however others reject it due to moral beliefs.

Fur is thought to have been among the first materials to be used as clothing or for body decoration.
The date when fur was used for the first time for clothing purposes is still debated.

When inexpensive synthetic textiles for insulating clothing were invented, fur clothing fell out of fashion.

Animal furs used in garments and trim may be dyed bright colors or with patterns, often to mimic exotic animal pelts: alternatively they may be left their original pattern and color.

The more common sources for natural fur clothing and fur trimmed accessories come from: lamb, fox, raccoon, beaver, rabbit, mink, stoat, otter, coyotes, chichilla, possum, goat and sable.

The process of manufacturing fur clothes is by obtaining the animal pelts that have hair left on.

Use of wool involves shearing the animal’s hair from the living animal, so that the wool can be regrown.

Synthetic material that attempts to mimic the look and feel of real fur is called faux fur.

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