When it’s winter and it is so cold outside, you can just stay in the house and dream of spring or summer with our warm winter jackets. You have to go out and have fun anyway. But you can’t have a good time and feel warm on the chilly streets and in the snow if you haven’t a good quality coat to protect you from the cool weather. So, you have to invest in a high quality coat for this season. But what could be better than a nice classy fur coat with long sleeves, a furry collar and a colored design?

Here you go. The best fur coats and winter jackets with a special touch from A&A Vesa store

I think that the following designs are made especially for a modern and elegant lady that likes to show off with her sense of style. So, look here at our beautiful coats and choose your favorite.


winter jacket

1. The mouton lamb fur coat for a trendy woman

This beautiful fur piece is available in several colors and combinations of style. You can choose a nice beige coat to be classy all the time. You can choose a navy blue design made from natural lamb fur trimmed on the exterior and padded in the interior to go out in fashion. Or, you can choose the burgundy version of this kind of coat because it’s so stylish and passionate.
Either way, each type of fur coat from this genre is in two colors. The model in black and beige, black and burgundy or black and navy blue helps you to match it in so different outfits.

Lambswool lined womens fur coat, with exterior made from nappa lamb leather

2. The mouton lamb fur coat with a waist belt

It is a nice design that go well in so many combinations. The exterior of this coat is made from mouton lamb fur and the interior is also padded. The sleeves are wide and long and the belt on the waist fabulously completes the whole look. This fur coat has a nice model with horizontal lines and the colors are very thoughtful.
So, you can purchase this fur coat in beige, grey, black or burgundy. Anyway, in every attire the horizontal lines are in black and the waist belt also.


3. The mouton lamb fur and natural polar fox fur coat

The dream of every lady is that she can have or receive a good looking and elegant natural polar fox fur coat. For the winter season it’s the perfect style to go out in a fashionable manner and be warm, too. The exterior of this splendid coat is made of mouton lamb fur and polar fox fur in a nice combination and pattern and the interior is padded for a comfy feeling.

Also, it has a Russian collar type that screams elegance and royalty. If you are attracted to this fur beauty, then you can buy it from A&A Vesa store in black or burgundy colors. It’s so special that every woman must have in in her wardrobe.
Play with colors, play with fur and have the time of your life wearing an original fur coat, elegant and unique from A&A Vesa store.

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