The fur vest is back on the fashion podium! In fact, it has not left us ever, because is a fashion pillar alongside fur coats, sheepskin jackets and many other fur items. In the winter, in the autumn or even on chilly nights of spring, the fur vest is an item that you can’t refuse and you should wear it because is always in fashion.

Take a look at A&A Vesa’s fur vest collection and you will be amazed by the variety in there. A fur vest is such a versatile item of clothing because when we don’t want to wear a fur coat on a light season, the vest is perfect. Such a piece of clothing can be worn over a blazer at work, a slim coat or even over a leather jacket when we go shopping or we travel abroad.

The fur vest transforms our outfit in a warm and fashionable appearance at the same time. It’s great!
The vest for a walk in the city. Opt for a stylish sweater or a nice blouse over you can add the vest. But if you are the type of woman that easily get into a bad mood if it is cold outside, you can place the fur vest over a leather jacket or a cardigan to keep you warm. The layering will be so in fashion and you will be admired for your style and courage.

The fur vest for a business attire. If you want to glamourize a bit your work outfit, you just have to add a fur vest in front. Because a business attire can often be boring or grey, you need to opt for a nice colored fur vest over the white office shirt or dress. But for the change to be complete you have to add a statement piece of jewelry or a chic business bag at your outfit.

You will look good, feel good and your self confidence will be boosted in no time!
The fur vest for a street style fashionista. You know that the most stylish and renowned ladies in the world wear fur to catch all attention to them? Well, the fur cape is just one of the many fur items that can bring you to the lights. If you are a little bit bold than the rest, choose a long vaporous dress and wear it with a fur vest over.
The effect will be pretty much electric for others and your street style will not remain unnoticed.

Now that you know how to look good and match your vest with many items in various fashionable ways, you just have to buy a vest that will be versatile and fancy. A very nice choice for you is our store – A&A Vesa – where you can find everything you dreamed of.

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