Fur clothing has become the new celebrity statement accessory, but beyond that all the fashionistas in the world has adopted it. In approaching this piece of clothing every woman finds satisfaction because fur coats have become a versatile piece, suitable for any daily outfit. Here, at A&A Vesa store we know what you like and we launch every season new trendy fur items for your pleasure and needs.


You want to know how the fur coat is worn by your favorite stars?



The celebrities have a lot of money, that’s for sure. And is obviously that they afford many fur items, but you can purchase a beautiful original fur clothing from A&A Vesa and wear it in different ways. We assure you that such a high quality item can be matched in a multitude of stylish ways.

When it’s about the female stars, they like to match the elegant fur coat with a very relaxed, casual attire. This has an awesome effect on your entire outfit and you will look ultracasual without many attempts.

For example, the Brazilian fashion models Adriana Lima or Alessandra Ambrosio wear the glamorous fur coat with leggings, leather pants, sneakers and even short dresses and UGG. Other matchings come from our loved actresses who match an oversized fur coat in black, beige, brown or with colored stripes with simple jeans, boots, sunglasses, and sweaters.

It’s so simple to look good when you are a star, but it can be a lot of fun for you too. Go to our site and buy the perfect fur coat for you.

It’s a well known fact that the female celebrities like to show off when they go out and have meetings, or even when they go shopping or go on dates. They have money, power, elegance, beautiful clothes and a marvelous sense of style. So, we can follow them to steal the show too. But, the only thing that we need is a good fur coat or fur vest to match with other fashion items.


Many stylish matching. A single store for your needs: A&A Vesa


The fur items you can find them at A&A Vesa store and the rules of streetstyle you can learn it from here.

The celebrities like to blend a big office bag, a pair of skinny jeans, high heel boots and oversized scarfs to the classic beauty of a black fur coat.

But the choice is yours. You can make many great matchings with a fur coat as a basic piece of clothing, in glam rock outfits, chic urban attires or red carpet appearances.

The fur clothing from A&A Vesa is at your fingertips. The choice is yours!




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