First of all, you will have to consider how often you will wear your natural fur coat.
The more durable furs come from: lamb, mink, beaver and raccoon and the less durable ones come from rabbit and chincilla.

If you would like to achieve a more slim look, sheared beaver and mink and other short haired furs achieve that slim look better.
Deciding if you want to make a lifetime purchase or only for a few years will help you in making your purchase faster.
Choosing the lenght of your coat depends on how often you decide to wear it. The lengthy fur coats have an exceptional aspect but
they have more probability of collecting dirt and wearing out near the bottom.

Choose the color that you prefer. If you plan to wear the fur more often, a darker color would work better since the lighter ones need more cleaning.
If you will wear it once a year then a lighter color fur that would fit your tastes will work without any problem.

Note your allergies aswell. If you are allergic to dogs then fox fur will not be a great decision to purchase since the fox is in the canine family.
Mink fur would be a great choice if you have allergies to other animals, its a short haired fur that does not shed and works well for people with allergies to animals.

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AandA Vesa