Spring is a very special season. Nature comes back to life, the sun is stronger, and this season’s outfits are among the most special. Spring is also the season in which, in the field of fashion, trends are created for the following months of the year. We have done our homework and we have set up what to wear, but also how to wear it this year and we invite you to discover in the following.

What to wear in the spring of 2022?

Everyone knows that every spring, great designers display their creations at the most famous fashion events. These events are eagerly awaited because, in those presentations, trends are set for the whole year.
In 2022, the specialists prepared fabulous collections, which delighted all eyes. It should be noted that they did not set too many standards, encouraging freedom of expression and creativity.
They offer the public a colorful style, in which green dominates detached. Green shoes have been the main attraction and we will definitely see them in all the profile stores this year. The color combinations are also very bold, with a strong emphasis on contrast.
In terms of materials, leather and denim remain among the favorites. You can opt for outfits made entirely of leather or full denim, or you can combine them. No matter how you choose to wear them, make sure they look great.

How do you integrate a women’s leather coat into your outfit?

Considering that natural leather is very popular this year, it is the right time to buy at least one basic piece of clothing, such as a women’s leather coat. Here’s how you can integrate it into your outfits:

⦁ Combine your coat with a denim skirt and matching boots. This outfit is perfect for this season, follows the designers’ suggestions and is extremely comfortable. The coat will highlight your legs and will match perfectly with the shoes, while the skirt will create the contrast you need. For extra color, you can choose a suitcase in your favorite shade;

⦁ Match the leather coat with a matching suit and stiletto shoes. This outfit is perfect for business meetings or office days. It has an elegant and fresh look. Follow the trends and choose a green suit, you will surely attract all eyes;

⦁ Wear leather pants and ankle boots. Although it is a bolder combination, it fits perfectly with this year’s trends. Such an outfit is ideal for going out in the city or for an evening with friends;

⦁ Leather coat, short dress and long boots. This outfit is a must-have for any young lady in the spring of 2022. It is perfect to highlight your body features and to give you a touch of femininity and elegance. Dare to wear such attire at parties and gatherings;

⦁ Mom fit jeans, sneakers and leather coat. Last but not least, the clothing proposal is characterized by freedom and comfort. Choose to wear a colorful top to give an extra personality to the outfit.

Why buy natural leather jackets made in Romania?

The trends of 2022 are perfect for Romania, because it has an admirable production of clothing made of natural leather. The production of furs and leather clothes in our country has a rich tradition behind it, being characterized by quality and good taste. Also, by choosing to buy Romanian products, you support the local economy and encourage a local business. You can choose from a wide range of products, from jackets and fur coats to jackets and coats made of genuine leather. If you are still in doubt, here are 4 reasons to buy leather clothes from Romania:

⦁ They are handmade. Most fur coats and jackets and natural leather jackets are made in local workshops. The production process is not fully automated, which allows more attention to detail and gives uniqueness to each product.

⦁ They are made of quality raw material. The raw material and the materials from which the products are made are purchased from Romania or are imported from authorized manufacturers, which comply with the most rigorous processing standards. This means that you will enjoy a premium product with a special design.

⦁ The sizes correspond to our country. It is not necessary to worry if the sizes match, because they are designed according to local standards and follow exactly the patterns of our country.

⦁ You enjoy a reduced price. Due to the fact that Romania has lower production costs, compared to other European countries, most of the time and the final price is appropriate. In other words, you will enjoy a quality garment at a very affordable price, with which few international manufacturers can compete.

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