We have for sell double face fur scraps of sheep skins type merino with hair cut on 10 mm. The skins are dressed and dyed in our tannery from Romania, with chemicals from Germany or Italy. The scraps are from cutting the skins for clothes like coats, jackets or vests and are very good for gloves, plates, auto seat or rugs.

Scraps are different colour: 25% black, 25%dark brown, 10% light brown, 10% light gray, 10% dark gray, 10% taupe, 10%  beige.

The sheepskin are finishing with nappa(transfer foil) or suede.

Sheepskin scraps are stored very well, sorted by colour and packed in plastic bags. The plastic bags have weight between 15-30 kg. Our stock for the moment is 30 tones of scraps. Per month we have about 2-3 tones of sheepskin scraps.

We also have for sell foxes scraps or leather scraps, but in small quantity. Foxes scraps we have colours: black, brown, silver, blue and white, the quality is very good, the foxes are from Nordic Countries. Leather scraps we have colours: black, brown, taupe, mustard, beige.

The price depend on what quantity are you interested

The factory is located in Romania, city Buteni (317065), nr. 821 A, county ARAD. Our program is Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 16.00
For more details you can contact us on email: andrei [@] vesa.ro or phone: +4.0745.115.537

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