The fur coat is that piece of clothing that sits on a pedestal in your wardrobe, and this is due to the fact that it is truly a special and valuable item. Since buying a fur coat is not an action you have to do every year, the pressure to make the right choice is quite justified. Thus, we come to your aid and present you the most important aspects that you must consider before you go shopping.

The fur coat for you

There are some pieces of clothing that have to come just right for the appearance to be an exceptional one. In their ranking, on the forefront, is the fur coat. So, if you don’t have a size guide for fur clothes at hand, here are some general rules you need to follow to make sure you buy your perfect coat.

⦁ Before choosing a garment of a certain length and with a special shape, analyze the height you have. If tall people are advantaged and can choose almost any style of clothing, people of small stature should choose a garment that will create a more elongated look, not thicker. Therefore, the short fur coat is ideal for a small person of height. A long fur coat also works with short people as long as its lines perfectly outline the body.

⦁ Depending on the shape of the body, you will choose the style and design of the fur coat so that it highlights your appearance positively. For the hourglass style body, a coat that highlights the waist is the most suitable. For a pear-shaped body you can opt for a straight coat. For an apple-like shape, choose a coat that accentuates the legs, while for a body with wide shoulders, it is good to wear a coat that creates a line in the shape of the letter A.

⦁ The size of the bust is extremely important in finding the ideal size of fur coat. The coat should be wide enough to feel comfortable with it closed. For people with generous busts, fur clothes with a party closure and drawstring can be the winning option.

A reputable natural fur coat manufacturer will not only be able to offer you a variety of fur coats from which to choose your favorite, but will also offer you advice to help you make the right choice.

How do you use the size guide for fur clothes?

Respectable stores that sell such luxury clothing will provide you with all the necessary information for you to buy what suits you. For example, in the size chart for fur clothes from Vesa you will find the measurements and sizes of natural fur products.

⦁ To purchase a women’s fur coat or vest, it is necessary to measure the size of the bust, waist and hips.

⦁ On the other hand, for a men’s fur coat or a waistcoat you only need to know the size of the bust and waist.

Otherwise, for the hats and gloves, the circumference of the head and the hands are measured, respectively. In the table of sizes next to the slippers are entered the centimeters of the sole, and the straps have the sizes according to their centimeters.

Types of fur clothes

With so many types of fur clothes, it is normal to feel that the situation is beyond you when it comes to choosing your model, but give yourself some time to analyze the following details.

⦁ Your clothing style will decide if you will opt for a more eccentric, more elegant fur clothing model or on the contrary, for a more discreet model. For example, a mink fur coat can be successfully worn with both an elegant and a casual outfit.

⦁ How cold the autumn and winter are in the area where you live to decide what type of fur suits you. Sheep fur is known to be extremely warm, durable and easy to maintain.

⦁ The budget you have is, of course, important. Depending on this, you will then determine the type of fur, the model of the garment and the style in which it is made: the fur coat created from whole fur has a higher price compared to the one created from pieces of fur.

Let fashion dictate what style of jeans and sneakers you will buy every year, fur coat falls into a completely different category. You buy the fur coat to fit you perfectly and to describe you exactly no matter how many years and how many fashion trends go over it. Precisely because it never goes out of style, choose it carefully and you will enjoy it, its qualities and the luxurious appearance that even a lifetime offers you!

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