The fashion field is a very broad and controversial one that differs radically depending on the audience it is addressed to. If for women the main concern is that the clothes are in trend, the representatives of the stronger sex are passionate about quality. For this reason, men’s clothing must be carefully selected for materials and stitching. Thus, natural leather jackets will always be the perfect choice, being very high quality, versatile and always fashionable. Find out below how to match the autumn jackets, which are the most popular models, but also a very simple way to keep them intact.

3 ways to wear a leather jacket

An extremely popular item of clothing, the men’s leather jacket is the salvation of any outfit. This can turn an ordinary outfit into an eye-catching one. To find the style that defines you, we make 3 suggestions for how to wear such a jacket.

⦁ Create a smart-casual look by matching the genuine leather jacket with a pair of chinos, matching boots and a shirt. This is a perfect choice for going to the office or even to business meetings.

⦁ Get fresh outfits, suitable for any occasion with a pair of embers, a suitcase and your favorite leather jacket. You will enjoy comfort all day and you will look great in this combination.

⦁ It is also possible to adopt a sporty style by wearing such a jacket. All you have to do is match it with a sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers and enjoy freedom of movement and an “evergreen” outfit.

Why opt for a natural leather jacket

In addition to the established masculine look, the men’s leather jacket has many other advantages. It meets a high standard of quality and is to the liking of wearers, as I mentioned at the beginning of the article. Due to the materials used, it resists very well over time and offers increased protection. It is also very comfortable, thanks to the cut and the properties of natural leather to adapt to body shape. Another major plus is the fact that it is versatile and easy to match any style, as shown above. It does not lose value over time, representing a financial investment and a time-saving method.

Types of leather jackets for men

When it comes to leather jacket models for men, you should know that you have a wide range available from which to choose what shapes your personality. Of these, the classic style predominates among buyers’ choices due to the simple lines that benefit any conformation. This model is often also available in a reversible version and allows you to create different outfits using the same jacket.

Also, the bomber jacket is becoming more and more popular due to the light and comfortable cut that most of them want every day. This model is especially suitable for shorter men, because it highlights the waist.

Another option, especially preferred by more daring men, is that of biker jackets. It looks timeless and yet very current. It is the model that always seems new, but it has existed since the 50’s. The biker jacket is characterized by highlighted decorative elements, such as exposed seams, massive zippers, staples and sometimes epaulets. Although it looks more eccentric, it is not at all and can be matched as well as the other models.

Last, but not least, is the aviator jacket. As the name suggests, it was designed for pilots and retains exactly the stylistic note in which it was originally created. It is especially designed for the winter period because it is furry and maintains thermal comfort for a long time. Because it is a piece that attracts attention, it is recommended that you can wear it with simple outfits, in the same color spectrum.

How do you keep your autumn jackets intact for next season?

Contrary to expectations, natural leather jackets do not require a difficult process of storage over time. If you pay a little attention to the way and place of storage, you will keep the autumn jackets intact not only for one season, but for years. Here’s what you need to do:

⦁ Avoid storing jackets or jackets made of natural fur in places with high humidity. Because the skin is of animal origin, it can mold in such conditions and you will no longer be able to enjoy those clothes.

⦁ Protect them from dust as much as possible. Although it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, it is advisable to use a protective cover when you know that you will not return to autumn jackets for a long time. This is recommended to keep the natural glow for as long as possible.

⦁ Use a special cream to moisturize the skin. Like any leather, the one used to make your jackets should be hydrated to avoid cracks. You don’t need to do this often. An application at the end of the season is enough to extend the life of your jackets.

⦁ Wear them carefully and avoid accessories that could sting or scratch them. Once damaged, they will look untidy and unattractive.

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