Men Fur Coats

Men fur coats have gone a long way since they appeared. Across the years, the fur jackets for men improved and became the modern clothing that is currently desired for its resistance, quality, warmth and design. That is why A&A Vesa fur products feature only natural leather, fur, and sheepskin processed and dyed in order to obtain the ideal material for the garments.

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Nappa leather – processed that is moisture resistant – and suede lamb leather – processed sheepskin that feels delicate to the touch – are the two versions of materials used for obtaining the men fur coats. And while the sheepskin allows the body to breathe, thus avoiding the overheating, the lining made out of natural lamb fur, trimmed down to 10 mm (about 0.4 inches), offers protection against the cold.
Our fur coats are handcrafted by really gifted people with passion for working with natural fur in an unique way, paying special attention to all the little details that make our men fur coats the best you can get. But that is not all, as every fur coat has a carefully designed collar, made out of natural merino lamb fur or raccoon fur, thus improving the overall appearance and adding elegance to our men fur jackets. Our brand offers modern fur clothing for men with the quality of handcrafted goods and the ageless look that will never die. And if you take good care of our fur coats, you will wear them for ages.
We do all this at a bargain price, because the products that are listed here, on our official online store will go directly to you from our fur factory. You will be getting the best quality you can get, at the lowest price possible.

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