Gloves made of natural materials such as leather or fur are in great demand due to all the advantages they bring. Warmth, naturalness and comfort are all found in a quality and durable coating. Learn more about the differences between the two types of materials when you can wear them. but also what are the advantages that make leather and fur gloves some of the most coveted accessories.

Types of leather gloves

Leather gloves are viewed with admiration both aesthetically and in terms of utility.

⦁ Leather work gloves are highly appreciated by those who use them at work because of their many advantages. It allows the hand to have the same flexibility as when it is free, but it also protects it, preventing the appearance of bruises, burns or scratches.

⦁ Leather driving gloves are most often used by those who want to ensure good grip on the steering wheel. They can be made of thicker or thinner leather, with streaks or holes, so that the hand does not sweat while driving. Another advantage is that they can be used without problems regardless of the season.

⦁ Fashion leather gloves are worn by both women and men. Pleasant to the touch, soft and warm, they can be worn, depending on the material, both in autumn and spring, and in winter. Also in this category can be included fur gloves or those that combine leather with fur. These are undoubtedly extremely warm and help you get through the coldest winters without any problems.

Leather and fur types

The most appreciated gloves are those created from natural materials, of high quality and that pass the test of time with flying colors.

⦁ Cowhide is among the most appreciated due to the fact that it is very easy to maintain. Texture, durability and comfort are the qualities that highlight this type of leather.

⦁ Sheepskin is extremely comfortable and delicate. With a glove made of this leather, optimal dexterity is ensured. This type of leather goes very well combined with sheep’s wool, offering high protection against frost. For example, some leather gloves for men from Vesa, have the interior padded with sheepskin, cut to a thickness of 8mm, which provides warmth without perspiring the skin.

⦁ Pig skin is a dense skin that does not harden if moistened. Therefore, it is understandable why manufacturers of work gloves turn their attention to this type of leather.

⦁ Goat skin is famous for its durability.

⦁ Deer skin molds perfectly to the shape of the hand.

Leather gloves can be worn all year round, especially if you want a pair of driving or working gloves. On the other hand, thicker leather gloves or fur gloves protect very well against frost.

Where can you find quality gloves?

When choosing a pair of gloves, you need to pay extra attention to their usefulness. Once you have established what you want your glove to offer and what you use it for, you can move on to what it looks like.

⦁ They must be made of malleable and soft material, which should dress the fingers well and still allow them to move as naturally as possible.

⦁ You need to pay special attention to the shape of your thumb. Depending on the shape and type of stitch, the glove can provide less, medium or total finger dexterity.

⦁ If you are looking for a glove that protects you from the cold and moisture, a pair of fur gloves is exactly what you need.

Of course, the most recommended to buy such items are specialty stores that produce and sell only leather and fur clothing and accessories. Thus, you can be sure that the product is a quality and authentic one.

The advantages of gloves made of leather and natural fur

Both leather and fur gloves have several advantages that make them more special than any other material.

⦁ It gives you natural warmth and comfort, while allowing the skin to breathe;

⦁ Their appearance is elegant and never goes out of style;

⦁ They last very well over time, and their maintenance is not complicated;

⦁ They are much more environmentally friendly compared to synthetic materials;

⦁ The quality-price ratio is an exceptional one, considering that it is a purchase that you can make even once every few years.

Leather or fur gloves are, without a doubt, the ideal choice for those who want quality, durability and comfort. Moreover, their special appearance and the dexterity they offer make them irresistible for those looking for such a clothing accessory.

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