You know it’s true, fur coats will always be ones of the most desired pieces of clothing. If you are reading this article, it means you are a fur lover yourself and you feel that you can never have enough furs in your closet. We can refer to those glamorous fur coats we see in fashion magazines and on the biggest runways of the world or the casual options, but we can’t deny the good-feeling of wearing a warm and luxurious fur coat.

We’ve already talked about the history of the fur coats and discovered they were used by human beings as clothing since the earliest times, but the present came along with technology changes and there are a lot of retailers who sell really expensive faux fur coats and try to fool you. We’re going to help you understand how can you make the difference between a faux and a real fur coat.

1. First of all, if you are shopping offline, look for the labels and if you prefer to buy online, check the composition specifications, where you can see the constitution of the fur coats. You’ll see that there are lots of retailers who don’t always mention the material because the furs are not natural 100%, but they are mixed with other types of materials which are cheaper.

2. Some brands sell natural fur coats, some brands sell faux furs and some sell them both! Our advice is to avoid the last type of stores, because you’re likely not to tell the difference between the two kinds of furs and spend a fortune on something you don’t want. Our online store is widely known for high-quality and very fashionable fur coats, so you shouldn’t be worried: no matter what you choose, you’ll spend your money wisely.

3. Usually, a natural fur coat is more expensive than a faux one, so you should take into consideration this detail when you try to figure out what are you going to buy. However, we sell our fur coats at a garment price because the products are sent from our factory directly to your home, without being exposed in a store.

4. Try the burn test. We know, you’re going to lose some pieces of fur, but at least you’ll know if you had bought a natural fur coat or a faux one. If the fur is natural, you’ll feel the smell of burnt hair and if it is faux, it will smell like melted plastic and the hair will curl into hard plastic-like balls.

5. The last trick you should try is sticking a pin into the fur coat. If it’s real, it’s going to be really hard to push it through your garment because the lining is made of leather. If it goes through easily, the fur coat is faux because the lining is synthetic.

Now that you know how to tell the difference between a natural fur coat and a faux one, it’s shopping time! Discover our collection and buy whatever you like!


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