Fur coats are luxury and pretty expensive garments that require more attention from us. That’s why you should know two major things about them!

First of all, it’s very important to know how to take care of your fur coats during the summer, and what are the rules you have to follow. Bref, there are some basic things you must do in order to maintain your fur coats’ natural properties. After a long and cold winter, it’s necessary to take your precious garments to a professional cleaner that knows how to deal with any kind of problem. After that, you have to choose a dark, cold and humidity-low closet where to store them for at least four months.

Now that summer is gone, you can wear your precious fur coats again, but there is a problem that persists all over the year and most of us don’t know how to deal with. Moths are those little insects that have pretty expensive tastes and love to enjoy our luxury fur coats. They are not poisonous and don’t bite, but they are a real danger for fashionistas who protect their expensive clothes with the price of their lives. And if it wasn’t enough, you must know moths love cashmere, wool, and other expensive natural material, too! Therefore, ladies, it’s time to make a stand and find out how to protect your fur coats from being destroyed by these tiny insects. You may know that these are prevention tricks, not treatments – once your fur coats have been destroyed by moths, you’ll never get them back!

Cedarwood and lavender oil: These oils can be used very easily. All you have to do is mix some cedar or lavender oil with distilled water and spray it into the wardrobe where you want to store your fur coats. Don’t do this while they are inside because you may risk spraying directly on them and this solution can affect the quality of the fur. Another method is to soak some cotton balls into the cedarwood or lavender oil and place them in the corners of the wardrobe where your fur coats are going to be stored during the Summer. Don’t worry, these oils smell good and they efficiently keep moths away.

Give them space: We recommend you to avoid storing your fur coats into an over-stuffed wardrobe because they need enough space to breathe. Also, you should shake them periodically so the little insects with expensive tastes can’t have enough time to get comfortable on your luxury garments.

Natural repellents: You’ll find on the market a lot of natural repellents for the moths, but you have to be careful in the moment you choose them. The best choice you could have are those little boxes that can be hung between your clothes or introduced in your fur coats’ pockets. The worst choice is represented by mothballs because they are not eco-friendly and their smell is absolutely unbearable! And you know what happens when your fur coats absorb strong smells: you’re never going to totally get rid of them!

Professional storage: This might be one of the best solutions against moths. A professional fur coats cleaner will always know how to properly store your luxury garments over the summer, so you can wear them for many years.

Freezing: You may have heard that freezing can destroy the eggs of the moths from the clothes made of wool and cashmere, but that’s not the case of fur coats. Freezing your fur garments not only will you kill the insects, but will also destroy them.

You already know that fur coats are pretty expensive garments, so it would be such a shame to let some little moths destroy them. Don’t forget that prevention is better than the treatment of the problem, so take care of your fur coats and wear them for many years.

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