We love fur vests for so many reasons, but the best part is that these beautiful outwears are so versatile! They are the key to this season street style. You can wear them with classic jeans or sophisticated outfits and still get that glam vibe we all want during the winter. If you already have fur vests in your wardrobe and thinking about how you can wear them, or you are just about to buy some pretty models, this article will tell you everything you should know. Find out our styling ideas and become a master in mixing your fur vests.

1. First of all, try not to wear them under some fluffy jackets or winter coats. Fur vests help you look slimmer and taller, so be careful and don’t oversize your body. The nicest thing is that even if you don’t have skinny arms, they will always look slimmer next to a fur vest. Wear them with clothes made of soft fabrics and get advantages of this magical visual effect.

2. Your height is very important. If you are petite, you need to choose a short fur vest that ends at the start of your hips. You want to look taller and irresistible, not shorter and outfashioned. Also, you need to take into consideration the shape of the fur vests you want to buy. Choose a model that can be worn with a belt, so you can emphasize your body, or shop for fur vests that are slightly fitted. If you are tall, your mission is simple as saying “fur vests”. These luxury garments are made for you.

3. Now, let’s see how you can wear your fur vests. There are many models, so your outfit should vary according to their style. But don’t be afraid to express yourself and try whatever you like. Don’t get stuck in a pair of jeans and a wool sweater. Wear your fur vests with satin or velvet dresses, try sexy bodysuits and flowing jumpsuits. Today you can choose a cowboy style, but tomorrow you can be a boho-chic girl. Fur vests allow you to have a chameleonic attitude and look different in every single situation.

That’s why you should check A&A Vesa fur vests. Our new collection is made for every woman who wants to look and feel good in her own skin. Don’t be afraid to try something you had never tried. Being a fur coats lover means you are a glamorous woman who loves luxury and good taste. Check out the newest fur vests we’ve designed for you and choose your favorite.

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