The fur vest is an essential piece of clothing in a woman’s dressing. If the fur coat is something brilliant, yet classic, the fur vest is a must have that every one of us needs in our closet. Like the any other fur items from A&A Vesa store, the fur vests for women are chis, stylish, elegant and most of all, versatile.

This is the fairest word to classify this awesome piece of fashion – versatile

The fur vest is a useful item in your wardrobe, especially when the temperature decreases. In the spring, winter, autumn or even in a cold summer night by the sea or at the mountains, the fur vest is there to keep you warm and styled up right away.
This clothing item is part of that class of fashion pieces that can be adapted at almost every and any look and occasion. To let you know the special powers of this fur vest, choose one from A&A Vesa and let’s make some matchings in different outfits and for different events.
The most beautiful thing is that you can take your fur vest anywhere you go and mix it with different other fashion items and accessories, in the end all looking good and chic. In a city break, in a short vacation in your favorite city in the country or even in a visit to your friends, take the fur vest in your luggage and wear it in any way you want. You will look great!

A single black fur vest – three beautiful outfits

• The first situation for you is matching a black fur vest from A&A Vesa in a sporty-casual attire. You can look both chic & fabulous even when you are heading to the mountains, when you travel or when you go out with your friends. Wear your favorite black vest with leather leggings or sport trousers, sneakers and a big warm sweater.

• The second choice for you is to match the black fur vest with an oversized sweatshirt or a sport hoodie dress, along with a pair of high heels over the knee booties and a big scarf. Accessorize it how you like and be comfortable with your casual choice.

• The last, but not the least way of matching a black fur vest is in an elegant manner. Try to stay classy and glamorous at a social event combining your vest with a long evening gown, high hells, luxurious jewels and a feminine attitude.
Now that you know how to style it up, get your fur vest from A&A Vesa and feel like a diva.

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