Since you were little you’ve been told that when you go outside in the winter, you should wear warm fur hats. This mean that you had to put a bulky coat, a pair of gloves, tick boots and a big cap over your head, obviously. This was at the time when your parents dressed you or when you hadn’t an opinion of your own.
But things have changed and you are now a full grown up that makes his own decisions related to the dressing part. You are fully independent and you developed a sense of style of your own. This means that you choose alone your clothing items, even in winter, when it’s cold outside.

You can find nice fur items at a high quality and to the standards at A&A Vesa’s store

However, you are aware of the advices that they were given by elders you and your choice in winter are warm clothes, fur hats and furry slippers. Yet they are in style. And the store A&A Vesa knows that. It has a large collection of high quality fur coats, sheepskin slippers, gloves, fur hats and fur vests both for men and for women. Just like that!
Fur is a predictable material for winter and can even be a very versatile material because it is easy to wear, easy to match and because the fact that this style will never go out of fashion. To a nice fur coat or fur vest, a furry hat is a nice catch for an elegant outfit. Especially in winter when the temperatures are above zero, a cool attire like that can save your day and your image.

But how can we wear a fur hat in a such manner for understated elegance?

Probably you wonder how to wear a fur hat from A&A Vesa in a refined way. No worries! Look at these wearing types and you’ll be saved:

fur hats

The fur hat worn with a fur coat

What is so amazing is the fact that both fur items and much more are found at A&A Vesa’s store. Some stylish Russian fur hats can be found in this store. You can choose a nice white fur hat with ears, a simple black one or a simple white one to cover your head when you go outside. You can match your Russian style fur hat with a fur coat in the same color or shade and you will obtain an opulent outfit. The elegant effect will be noticed by those beside you.

fur hats

The fur hat with a leather coat

Just as you can match a fur hat with a furry coat, also you can match this type of cap with a leather coat. The effect is the same as with the other coat, but is a lot more casual, fresh and youthful. A good long leather jacket or a nice black leather skirt is all you need to show your great sense of style and to be admired over and over again everywhere you go. Plus, you will be warm and comfy when you’ll go outside on chilly days.

fur hats

The fur hat with some velvet over the knee boots

Not only the celebrities can look grand and fabulous when they go out or when they are off-duty. You can too. Because of the fur hat and to a nice velvet pair of over the knee boots, your look will be sublime. Isn’t that great? Wear a comfy sweater to a short skirt, add the booties and style the attire with a wonderful fur hat in white or black. Wear an oversized blazer or an overcoat to keep the winter effect all good.

Visit us at A&A Vesa’s store and enjoy our furry hats collection!

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