A&A Vesa has the perfect accessory for your wedding dress, a fur collar!
If you are thinking how to make your wedding outfit more stunning and more glamorous, our natural fur collars can definitely help you with that. The comfort and design of the fur collar will make you feel like a queen whenever you will decide to wear them.

A&A Vesa fur collars are made from natural polar fox fur and natural raccoon fur. This accessory is easy to use and suited to an elegant style, giving an air full of femininity and refinement. These fur collars are made from materials of highest quality and the fur collar is made in such a way that they feel lightweight.
Every woman should feel special on her wedding day and that is why every little detail should count, especially when it comes to the wedding attire. These natural fur capes can be the most important part of your outfit, that can be used not only for special events, a feminine detail, for unforgettable moments.
You can find our fur capes in our online store at the Fur Collars category. We have a great variety of different brown shades and much more!

Of course if you want to check our other natural fur products, feel free to visit our online store and check our great fur coat, fur jackets, fur hat designs and other natural fur accessories, not only for women but for men too!
Our fur clothing products are made according to the latest trends. We are always following the designers and the trendsetters to see what people like and what is in style for the season. And we are applying them when we create our fur coats, fur vests, fur jackets or fur accessories. We are always making sure that our clients are up to date when it comes to trends and fashion.

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