The A&A Vesa brand is well known in Romania, and in many other states of the world. The Romanian company manufactures fur items for every taste and style. The whole range of fur coats and vests, sheepskin and shearling coats and jackets and fur accessories is wide and various. Every customer and fur lover can find in A&A Vesa online store high-quality and classy items that can be worn both with an elegant outfit and for day by day matchings.

The words that define this Romanian fur coats store are experience, passion, luxury and variety

Experience in fur coats industry

The A&A Vesa online store has an incredible market experience in working with fur coats, shearling & sheepskin clothing, and many accessories specially designed to provide a nice sense of style. This fur store has been present for over twenty years on the Romanian market which means it has a strong reputation for fur coats fabrication and its knowledge is more than enough to offer the best fashion items in the whole fur market.

Passion for fashion

Every A&A Vesa fur coat is unique, easy to wear and fun to match. We talk about pure passion for fashion; there’s no doubt, every item created by Vesa designers and handcrafted by our team is the result of their dedication, love and pure passion for fur. Every minute spent in the fur factory means a lot of work and a great attention to every detail. Their talent and extraordinary skills can be seen in every fur coat delivered to our customers. We know that fashion is not about clothes, but having confidence in who you are, being your personality label, the touch of your feelings and thoughts. Wearing a fur coat means you are strong enough to show other people the true side of luxury.

Fur coats

Love for Luxury

Luxury is yet another word that expresses the quality of the beautiful fur coats from A&A Vesa. You know that fur, in every form, is a luxury statement and a high social status symbol. In fashion, the most versatile, luxurious and precious clothing items are fur coats and fur accessories. These are the most beautiful possessions we could have and the most desired gifts for all of us.

Fur coats

A great variety of models

Another word that can express its best value is Variety. Here, at A&A Vesa store you can select between a truly wide range of fur clothes and accessories for you and your friends, family and colleagues. There is a fur coat for social events, a fur cape for a glamorous ball or wedding, a fur vest for your office outfit or a leather jacket for your club attire.

So, every fur coat produced by the designers and the tailors from A&A Vesa is trendy, classic, versatile, and simply amazing. Our online store keeps up with the trends and fashion news in order to offer its customers the best range of fur items on the market.

fur coats

fur coats

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