Everyone knows that a fur coat is a sign of wealth, luxury and elegance. Every important person or royal wear such an original item at many events or even daily. The fact that a fur coat is a fashion item that denotes elegance and prosperity is a well known thing. But not just rich people can look good and feel awesome in such an expensive coat, but the ordinary people too.

A&A Vesa store is defined by many years of experience in fur items production

And if the wealthy and rich have their own fashion houses or fur companies that bring them the most beautiful and expensive clothes, we have the most experienced and passionate producer of high quality fur clothing – A&A Vesa store.
This Romanian brand is defined by many years of experience in fur items production. It’s a brand that cultivate passion and dedication in the design of beautiful fur coats, fur vests, leather items and other accessories. Also, A&A Vesa puts on the top the needs of the clients. So, every fur collection from the store is trendy, in style and very fashionable. Like the persons who like the most to wear such things.
Last, but not the least, in the range of fur items from our store you will find variety, diversity and a good taste in the newest fashion trends of our times.

You want to be elegant and classy? Stay in touch with the A&A Vesa’s store collections

In time, fur has become one of the oldest and classiest material in the history of fashion. We all know that for sure. In the winter time or even in the chilliest nights of autumn or spring, the women use to wear a fur coat to feel warm and be comfy. In our days, the fur trend is always in style and define the notion of elegance and wealth.
Fur can be seen as a true fashion statement, a symbol of refinement. In the same time, we can see it as a clothing item very popular amongst the fashion designers, fashion models, Hollywood stars, royals, singers and street style divas.
Fur coat diversity has grown in the whole world. The fur items are known as luxurious fashion items, and refined accessories for a real status statement. From jackets, hats, to vests, coats in different patterns, colors, fur is a well known item and is very desirable for men and women alike.
And because of that, A&A Vesa store try to offer every season some fashionable and glamorous fur items for every taste.

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