Even the spring is here, we feel it winter much, so some warm spring outfits are welcome. Because it’s still chilly and the sun has not appeared in full glow, we are forced to wear some warm clothing item and the fur coats are among them. No problem! At A&A Vesa’ store there are many wonderful fur coats and leather jackets that can save our skin!
Not to look like we don’t know that it’s spring but not to go out wearing light fabrics too soon, we prepared some nice early spring outfits with the touch of a fur coat or a leather jacket.
You are welcome!

Springs outfits 1: Pastel shades

For a non-traditional fashionista, a beige natural lamb fur coat with some short bell-shaped sleeves is a nice catch especially when is worn with a big wool sweater and some black leggings. You can match this with a fedora hat and a pair of sneakers. That would be a a cool mix and also you can use the idea to create other spring outfits.

Springs outfits 2: Go animal print

If you don’t find an animal print fur coat or fur jacket, choose an oversized animal print scarf or some nice shoes to go with. Make the attire wilder combining a beautiful and elegant black or light brown fur coat from A&A Vesa with the items mentioned before. You can wear some boots and a thick dress with a pair of animal print tights and the effect will be the same.

Spring outfits 3: Over the knee boots for stylish days

If you don’t want to look all sporty, you can match an elegant leather jacket to a pair of suede over the knee boots. To make everything look way better, you can opt for a colored suede booties that will freshen up your spring outfit. You will find that all A&A Vesa’s fur items are classy and very versatile. So bring out your inner fashionista!

Spring outfits 4: Sneakers and fedora hats

The main clothing item will remain the same: the fur coat. Still, this time you have to choose an oversized fur coat and match it with a cool pair of platform sneakers in the color you like. You will look fancy and sporty and in the same time a force of the nature. Obviously, this look will be matched with a pair of leather leggings (they are so in style tight now), a floral blouse and an oversized patterned scarf.
To look even more fashionable than this, you can throw a fedora hat in the same shade as the sneakers on your head. The final look will be mesmerizing and you will enjoy the spring the way it is!

Don’t wait the spring to be light on you. Go outside and make it possible wearing some warm clothing items (fur coats, fur vests, leather jackets) in a spring fashion. You’ll like the feeling! And it’s so simple because the fur store A&A Vesa has it all.

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