Taupe color

Taupe is more than a color, a shade that describes several color tones. From anthracite gray to dark brown with reddish reflections, taupe covers a very diverse palette and is therefore one of the favorite colors of those who prefer to always have open choices in the color combinations of the choices they choose to adopt. The taupe color is often a natural, unaltered color, being present in its variety of nuances, in the vegetable and animal worlds.

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Fur garments and taupe coats are particularly attractive because their aesthetic features are doubled by the practical ones. Easy to maintain and always in trend, the taupe color does not degrade, but gains in time a visible patina that enhances the charm of clothing or accessories. A taupe natural fur coat will never go out of style, just as no accessory, purse, hat, gloves or wallet, will not come out of trend. At the A&A Vesa Fur Factory you will find this color in a variety of clothes, coats and accessories, proof of its versatility and the fact that, regardless of generation, taupe remains in the chrome top of our preferences.

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