Olive Color

The olive color is, in fact, a mixture of yellow and green, which is very similar to the color of the olives, hence its name, an English loan. This color has a tumultuous history because it was used as the main color of military uniforms, being very difficult to distinguish in the vegetation landscapes where the soldiers march.

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Beyond this use of it for practical reasons, the olive color has gained more and more attention, being a particularly appealing color, expressing openness, naturalness and harmony.
Like olives, the olive color is a color with very diverse shades, covering a whole palette of color. From green to yellow , every shade of olive is special, and if you want to be original, it is the ideal choice. Accessories such as wallets, gloves, belts or hats that have this color are accessories that stand out and add visual clarity to any outfit. At the A&A Vesa Fur Factory, you will find the color of olive in various shades, for a variety of natural materials, especially coats, vests and jackets made of fur and natural leather, which have an original appearance due to the rarity of this color.

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