Beige color

Beige color is basically a color tone, which makes it very easy to wear and accessorize. Gracious and easy on the eye, this color has the ability to chrome the entire look you make. Being a neutral color, beige is very suitable as a basis for compiling an outfit we want to combine several colors.

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Because it’s not a stinging color, beige is the perfect choice when it comes to a fur coat, a jacket or a vest because it complements a very diverse palette of colors and, moreover, retains the more pragmatic features of brown shades – beige is easy to maintain, making it suitable for use in accessories, which are subject to greater wear, such as fur or leather bags, wallets and leather gloves or shoes. Often synonymous with the color “nude” permissive beige is a color that complements the color but used in the clothes that make a main dress can be very attractive and challenging, imitating skin tone. A classic color and will not ever go out of style, beige is the ideal choice when you decide to purchase durable clothing items such as a fur coat.

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