Are you looking for an ideal leather jacket for everyday outfits? Or one suitable for the most important events? Regardless of the context, a natural leather jacket is always a good choice. This item of clothing is the favorite of many designers, being adaptable and always in trend. The numerous models of leather jackets, in different styles and colors, easily combine with different types of outfits and emanate a special style every time.

Being on the market a sufficiently varied range of women’s jackets made of natural leather, it is important to choose one that fits according to your preferences and style. It would also be good to make sure that the chosen model is in line with current trends, that it has a suitable cut, that it is easy to maintain and that it is made of the highest quality materials.

Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a jacket made of thicker natural leather or a model made of a thinner material. The ideal thickness for a leather jacket is 0.7mm. Some natural leather types are fine and very pleasant to the touch, while others are slightly stiffer. The natural leather jackets from Vesa are made of natural sheepskin, velor and nappa leather. The great advantage of these skin types is their durability.

Another aspect to keep in mind when planning to purchase a genuine leather jacket is the length. The jacket of the right length can be worn both with a dress and with a pair of jeans.

Regarding the closure system (zipper or buttons), the existence or lack of pockets, the type of collar or other aspects related to the aesthetic part, we can say that they are chosen according to their own preferences. There is no right model imposed by anyone other than oneself.

The advantages of a natural leather jacket

Natural leather is a high quality material that is used in the manufacture of many types of clothing. It is processed by special means and has benefits for all those who opt for it.


It is popular among designers because of the sophistication it offers. Natural leather is recognizable from a distance, having a very pleasant appearance. From ancient times the people who wore garments made of this material were recognized as having a different status in society. Genuine leather clothes exude style, elegance and femininity.


There is no other material more resistant than natural leather. Those who already have such garments in their wardrobe are convinced that natural leather lasts for many years in a row without wearing out. Durability increases with proper maintenance.
Proper maintenance of natural leather clothes
The care of natural leather clothes is quite complex. It is very important to know how to keep it in the closet between seasons and how to maintain it during repetitive wear to prolong their life.


From one season to another it is recommended to keep the natural leather coat on a wide hanger, covered in velvet, or on one with sponge padding. In this way, the risks of deformation due to the hanger are minimized. In addition, it would be good to use cotton bags in which to put your clothes. Dry, well-ventilated places, away from direct sources of heat or moisture, are suitable.


In the case of light stains, you can use a damp cloth to remove dirt. If it does not work, it is advisable to use the services of a specialist cleaner. Various substances that you consider effective in removing dirt stains can discolor or damage the material.

Crack prevention

For a while, especially if exposed to heat sources, leather clothes can crack. These cracks are unsightly and can be prolonged. You can use skin conditioner, mink oil or a soap for horse care to treat your leather garment. It is advisable to test the product on a small area as hidden as possible before applying any treatment, as some may change the color of the skin.

Wrinkle repair

It is not advisable to use the iron if the jacket has caught wrinkles. Too high a temperature can have unpleasant results. However, you can get rid of wrinkles in a trivial way. After putting the leather coat on a hanger, you can leave it in the bathroom for a short time during your shower session. The resulting steam will fix the wrinkles. But after taking your clothes out of the bathroom, absorb the remaining moisture with a dry cloth.

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