The fur coat has been a clothing item with multiple functions since ancient times. Usually made of natural materials such as sheepskin, it was worn on various occasions such as the moment of birth or various customs and rituals in people’s lives.
The length could be shorter or longer depending on the area they came from. To be sure that you are buying a quality coat, it is good to go to manufacturers with a tradition of processing fur. You will know in this way that you will have an authentic, durable and special product.

The advantages of a fur coat for the cold season

This coat is among the warmest items you can have during winter or autumn with cooler temperatures. Lamb’s fur is one of the most well-known when we talk about its insulating properties and ability to efficiently conserve our body heat. Not only thermal comfort is ensured, but also that given by wearing this piece of clothing, giving you a casual air, especially if you choose one in classic and simple lines.

Another advantage of natural fur is its durability and strength. These make it a very good investment over time, even though the purchase price may be higher when you buy it initially.

Versatility is another of its strong points, being able to be integrated into any clothing style. Be sure that it will give your outfit a sophisticated and special effect, while emphasizing your femininity and personality.

What should you consider when wearing a fur coat?

Maintaining a fur coat is easy when you follow some simple rules to keep it looking shiny for as long as possible. It must be stored in dry places and will not be left in direct sunlight. In this way, you avoid fading of the material and extend the life of your favorite jacket. If, however, it is exposed to moisture due to rain or snow specific to the cold weather outside, mechanical methods will not be used to remove it. After you remove the excess water with your hands, it will be left to dry in a dry environment on a hanger without wires or other possible elements that can damage it. Fur coat care is very important so that it does not suffer damage and you can wear it for as long as possible. It will be taken to a professional dry cleaner periodically. In no case should you try to remove the stains with rough brushes, cloths soaked in various solutions or use the dryer when it is exposed to a humid environment.

Fur coat models to get inspired from

Women’s fur coats have returned to the attention of designers for several seasons, the big fashion catwalks proposing new shapes, styles and colors for this type of clothing that satisfy all tastes.
A very popular model in this period is the long coat with fur and a cord cambered at the waist that delicately emphasizes your femininity and body shapes while ensuring optimal thermal comfort at the same time. The short jacket is preferred by active women with an active lifestyle or who often use their personal car considering the fact that it is very easy to wear.
The hooded coat is very practical when the weather outside is unfriendly and protects you from the elements like wind, rain or snow. Reversible sheepskin is an extremely versatile item that allows you to match it with many outfits and make various combinations. With a soft and velvety texture it is perfect when the weather is cold and gloomy.
Choosing strong colors can easily bring you out of anonymity and are ideal for a bold and vibrant personality. Shades of red, bright green or electric blue are just a few suitable options if you want to have a spectacular and special appearance.
For men, a trench coat cut in classic lines will look flawless and prove to be a practical as well as elegant choice. The warm fur and simple lines will give a distinct touch to the whole outfit, while preserving the masculinity and imposing air of the wearer. A more modern style is approached by the reversible model made of leather and natural fur. It can be worn and combined with casual, elegant or business outfits, which makes it versatile, durable due to the quality of the material and warm due to its amazing thermal properties.
The fur coat is a basic clothing item that everyone should have in their wardrobe. It is worth investing in such an item because you can keep it indefinitely as long as you take care of it and store it properly!

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