Leather clothing is among the favorite clothing items of gentlemen. It matches perfectly with a lot of clothing styles, is comfortable and has a special look. Therefore, it is understandable why at the first sign of spring, the natural leather coat regains its place of honor in the hanger next to the front door. In the following you will find out everything you need to know to become a proud owner of an ideal leather garment.

Types of leather clothes

There are mainly six types of natural leather clothing that are the inspiration for men’s leather jacket designers.

1. The Biker model is perhaps one of the best known models. It acquired the name because it was originally worn by members of motorcycle gangs. The biker jacket differs from the rest of the models by the straight line and the special combination of zippers and staples.

2. The Aviator model is also extremely popular. Worn in the beginning by men in the aviation field, it became a symbol of masculinity. The aviator-type leather coat harmoniously combines leather with fur, often present in the collar area.

3. The Racer leather jacket is similar to the biker, but has a more minimalist look, with a fine, round collar and a straight zipper.

4. The Bomber leather jacket is easily recognizable due to its slightly puffy shape at the top.

5. The Field leather jacket is inspired by the military. Medium length, this coat is light and usually has four pockets applied and visible in front.

6. The Trucker model is a slimmer model, which beautifully dresses the body line. With a fine collar, they often have a button closure system.

Once you have chosen your model, you will turn your gaze to the color or type of leather. Leather jackets will most often be found in classic shades, such as black or brown, making them easy to match. Regarding the leather used, among the most popular leather types are sheep or lamb leather, cow or calf leather, goat or deer leather. Sheepskin is most often used for leather jackets from Vesa, sometimes combined with natural fur. Lightweight and durable, it has the perfect thickness to create a comfortable leather coat.

Maintenance of natural leather jackets

One of the main advantages of leather clothes is that they are extremely easy to maintain and that if you follow a few simple rules they will look like new every year.

⦁ Their cleaning will be done only at laundries specialized in cleaning and maintenance of leather clothing. The recommendation of specialists is that the leather coat should be cleaned once a year, before being worn or every time it is stained.

⦁ Their drying will be done naturally, without being aggressively exposed to any artificial heat source.

⦁ They must be stored in a place away from sunlight and moisture.

⦁ If the leather is scratched or tinted, there are centers that can repair and dye the skin so that such small defects are no longer noticeable.

An even more important thing to know is that if they are properly maintained and stored, they can be worn for a lifetime. Natural leather is long-lasting, durable and retains its appearance for years.

The benefits of natural leather clothing

Leather jackets have gained so many fans over time because they also have a lot of other benefits.

⦁ The thermal protection it offers to the body, the soft texture and the impeccable appearance will never be able to be rendered by another synthetic material.

⦁ The leather jacket is suitable for both casual and formal occasions. It can be successfully worn at the office, in a coffee shop or at a business lunch or at an evening dinner.

⦁ The variety of styles gives you the opportunity to find the right model for you and to highlight your personal clothing style.

⦁ Its special resistance to dust and moisture makes the leather jacket a piece that shouldn’t be missing from any wardrobe.

⦁ Easy to maintain and with extraordinary durability, the leather jacket proves to be a long-term investment.

A natural leather jacket for men will emanate, at the same time, masculinity, romance, self-confidence, courage and dynamism.

The fact that these types of jackets have been present for over a century is further proof that the leather coat was created to pass the test of time and provide the body with the warmth and protection it needs. That is why today the leather jacket is considered a basic element in anyone’s wardrobe. If you are looking for a jacket for the mild temperatures of spring or autumn, the leather jacket is what you are looking for!

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