Tips & Tricks for wearing fur

Classy people wear fur. And that is a well-known fact. But fur can be hard to wear and accesorize. And if you don’t do it properly you can end up looking like Yeti. Or worse. There are some ground rules when you want to wear fur and look awesome. So, here are some tips and tricks for wearing fur.

Keep it simple. Fur is already a big piece of clothing and it tends to make your body look bigger. So, whether you want to wear a fur coat, fur vest or fur jacket, your other pieces in the outfit you chose must be as simple as possible. Simple means not baggy or fluffy. For example, take an A&A Vesa fur vest and wear it with some leather leggings and a white silky shirt. This outfit is perfect if you want to go out with some friends or shopping. Simplicity is the best choice when it comes to wearing fur.

Don’t exaggerate. Not every time the expression `the more, the better` is valid. Especially when we talk about fur. An A&A Vesa fur coat can be very grandiose and voluminous. So, if you wear a fur coat like that, don’t put on too many shinny or big accesories. You can wear a small ring or a pair of chic sunglasses to make a difference. But if you exaggerate with it, you may end up looking a fluffy shinny fur ball.

Buy the right size. I know it sound foolishly, but if you are wearing a fur vest, fur coat or fur jacket which is even a size bigger than your normal size, it can make you look massive. And we, women, try to look slimmer not the other way around. A&A Vesa’s fur coats, fur vests and fur jackets are made respecting the european standards of measurement. Buy the right size, keep it close to your body by adding some fashionable belts and you will look like a diva.

Wear tight jeans or skirts. Epecially if you are over the average weight. Tight jeans will make your legs look slim as they come out of your fur coat or fur vest. A&A Vesa’s fur coats, vests and jackets not only make you feel beautiful, but you can wear them with a tight skirt and high heels to go to the office, for example. Or tight jeans and flats to go out for a walk. Either way, A&A Vesa guarantees that you will have a look that everybody will admire.

Be creative. Everybody appreciates a creativity full kind of outfit. And wearing fur gives you the opportunity to play with the clothes in your wardrobe and combine them as you like. A&A Vesa’s fur vests, fur coats and fur vests go with everything you have in your closet. It is up to you decide how you wear it.

Conclusion: wear fur. As much as possible. Especially A&A Vesa’s, which is high quality fur. Day or night, office or coffee shop, fur is a simple piece of clothing that will give you the air of a classy sexy woman. And if you follow these simple pieces of advice, you will be envied for your outfits. Do you want to buy a fur? Visit our Online Store. Be confident. Be furrylicious.

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AandA Vesa