A&A Vesa is an online fur store who makes fur and leather clothing designed in Romania. Here it’s all about high quality fur jackets, fur vests, fur coats, shearling jackets, sheepskin coats both men and women alike. But here you don’t find just some elegant and good looking fur overcoats and jackets, but also you can shop for leather gloves, leather belts, fur hats, sheepskin slippers and modern furry purses.

It’s all about elegance and style combined with a touch of a real thing

The accessories are the same quality as the main items and the prices are for everybody’s budget. But you know, you have to invest a little in a real fur coat, because it’s all worth it.

A&A Vesa online fur store has thousands of clients around the world, not just in Romania. This happens because the clothing and the whole range of accessories is refined, made of the best furs and skins. You cannot get out from this store not liking at least some fur items that charmed you instantly.

But here you go. Learn what are the best reasons to choose fur coats from A&A Vesa store

We have a lot of experience on this fashion market. Over twenty years of working and selling fur coats in this field made us who we are and brought us thousands of clients in the whole time. Our fur products differentiate from the rest and our range of accessories is wide enough to satisfy even the most pretentious tastes.

We work with a real passion for what we do. The whole designing and management team is united in one thought – we want to offer the best products for you and for your special occasions. You know that an original fur coat can make your day good, so we invest in quality shearling, leather and real fur for your unique pleasure. Our whole range of fur products is made with love and affection that the final result is the best from the best.

We think fashion. We breathe fashion from all our pores. The coats, the jackets, the waistcoats and even the smallest accessories are designed in such ways to be different from the rest of the products in this market. Our designers are the best and their ideas are always in trend and fabulous. That’s way every item is beautiful, elegant and inspire grandness.

• We offer variety in fur and shearling coats. The company which is located in Romania offers a wide range of fur and shearling, leather and sheepskin coats and jackets.
We always make an offer that you can’t refuse. Choose A&A Vesa products from the fur store. Choose wisely and fashionable.

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AandA Vesa